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Stepping Grounds is an arts and culture management company founded by Patrick Marín Elbers, representing first-rate artists globally.


Being a former dancer with the Nederlands Dans Theater, Patrick Marín Elbers strives to be an architect within the cultural landscape – to create and form collaborations in the performing arts that strengthen and inspire the artist in their vision, while facilitating the creation of art and contemporary dance worldwide. Backed by over three decades of active involvement in the performing arts and Stepping Grounds large international network of Theaters, Festivals, Agencies and Presenters, Stepping Grounds provides structure for established and upcoming artists, as they look to grow and expand beyond themselves. 

Recently Stepping Grounds has started producing and initiating dance films and international cultural exchanges between European and Asian institutions.We give high quality support in carefully positioning artists within the existing cultural landscape, creating strong and exciting platforms for the artists, their creations and collaborative partners.


To guard the creative flow vital to our artists, we – being artists ourselves – understand the importance of personal involvement.We believe through this we can produce art that inspires culture of the highest standard which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Patrick Marín Elbers

Stepping Grounds B.V.

Arts/Culture Management


Owner: Patrick Marín Elbers

Operations Manager: Tamara Marin Elbers

Office Manager: Ana Crvak

Legal Adviser: Vesna Trajkovic

Tax adviser: Marc Boerop

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Hague under no. 90716361

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