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Dirk Haubrich

Composer Dirk Haubrich has created scores for renowned choreographers worldwide. 


During a 4 year residence in London he studied composition and improvisation with Phillip Wachsmann. After this he moved to The Hague, the Netherlands, to study at the Royal Conservatory ‘Sonology’, electronic music composition study. His love for dance and stage elaborated while working with the Frankfurt Balletand Billy Forsythe onn Eidos-Telos. 


In the field of dance Dirk Haubrich worked closely with Krisztina de Châtel, Bruno Listopad and Jirí Kylián. His music has been premiered and performed in renowned theaters around the world.


Choreographers Dirk Haubrich has created original compositions for to date:

Jiří Kylián / Shen Wei / Michael Schumacher / Krisztina de Châtel / Megumi Nakamura / Bruno Listopad / Anouk van Dijk / Ruben Van Leer / Lukas Timulak / Lesley Telford / Yoko Seyama / Jérôme Meyer / Isabelle Chaffaud / Medhi Walerski / Benjamin Petitjean/ Anouk Mae Spiess / Nicole Peisl / Isabel Ariel / Cora Bos Kroese / Allison Brown / Sjoerd Vreugdenhil / Pedro Goucha Gomes / Václav Kuneš / Liang Xing / Karin Guizzo.

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