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Martin Harriague

Born in 1986 in Bayonne, France, Martin Harriague started classical and contemporary dancing at the age of 19.

He joined the Malandain Ballet Biarritz Junior (France) in 2007, Ballet National de Marseille (France) in 2008 and was a dancer at Noord Nederlandse Dans (Netherlands) from 2010 until 2013. Since September 2013 he is dancer at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (Israel). 

Martin Harriague has worked as a dancer with Itzik Galili, Thierry Malandain, Emmanuel Gat, Roy Assaf, Rami Be'er, Keren Levi, Stephen Shropshire, Frederic Flamand, Thomas Noone and Reut Shemesh among others.

Parallel to his dancing career, he choreographs his own work and often composes music for his works. Martin Harriague's work has received international recognition as well as awards at competitions in Stuttgart, Hannover, Copenhagen and Biarritz.

He has created for Ballet National de Marseille, Noord Nederlandse Dans, Project Sally Maastricht and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company among others. 

His work 'PRINCE' had its Dutch premiere with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 2017. At the international exposure in Tel Aviv, Martin Harriague presented his new duet ‘If you were God’ to great acclaim.

In 2018 Martin Harriague created a new work, ‘Sirènes for Malandain Ballet Biarritz (France). 

His work ‘PITCH’ inspired by the life and works of composer Tchaikovsky is since 2018 part of the repertoire of TanzTheater Ekaterinenburg (Russia).

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Photos by KCDC

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